Home Automation by Pappagallo
What is Home Automation ?
Home automation is a technology to allow for control of :
Light Controls
Air conditioning control
Security systems
Camera Surveillence
Remote door lock control
Irragation control based on rain amount
Garage Door opening , status
Power management
Weather alerts
Temperature and humidity monitoring
Leak Detection / Water Shut off
Audio visual control
Scene control
Pool control  and pool temperature monitoring
Whole house audio
Perimeter monitoring
Secure acces remotely
Touch Panel Control
Smart, Cost Effective Home Automation Controls
What is the difference of the different systems that are available?

Current systems have some advantages and some disadvantages
Security Company systems
Simple Set up
Monthly Charges
Low end compoments
NO customization
Cable Company Systems
Simple Set up
Monthly Charge
Basic ON/Off remote control
Poor Cable customer service
Google is known for it's massive data collection
Unsophisticated ON/OFF control
Suspect that they will be montoring your device for
Very reliable
Extensive interfaces
Highly customizable
Full support of system
No outside snooping
Regional and Customer focused
Low monthly monitoring is available if you select to use us